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Communication is the key.

At English Your Way we not only teach and train but also award certificates which confirm the level of communication in English. They give the employers an opportunity to have right people in the right places. Certificates are awarded after completing Book 2, Book 3 and Book 5, which is full course of The Direct Method.

Direct method is world wide

Direct Method is being used as teaching method in countries in each continent. It's logo is recognizable all over the world. Students after completing full course of The Direct Method can communicate in English language fluently.

Invest in people

It's always been know the best kind of investment is always in people, as they do the tasks. English Your Way is here to help you, is to make your investment in your people, in your staff.

Certificate awarded after completing Book 2 – KET Exam.

After completing Book 2, students are awarded their first certificates. They are ready to take their first ESOL exam – Key English Test (KET). KET is a basic level test which recognises the ability to deal with everyday written and spoken English. After this exam, students are able to understand most of what they are told, as during the course they have been taken through a lot of grammar and the most important English Tenses such as Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Present Perfect, Simple Future. They can build simple sentences about the present, past and future. These students are then able to be recommended for jobs which do not require a lot of speaking. They will be able to do most tasks properly as they will clearly understand instructions, if not, they are able to ask proper questions without hesitation.

Certificate awarded after completing Book 3 – PET Exam.

After completing Book 3, students are ready to take the second ESOL Exam – Preliminary English Test (PET). English Your Way awards them with a certificate of completion of Stage 6 of the Callan Method in order to confirm their ability to take the PET exam. PET is a general English exam at an intermediate level. It covers all 4 language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. At this level students have been taught about 1,500 English words and can hold simple conversations in English. These students may be recommended for jobs which require speaking and giving instructions to the others.

Certificate awarded after completing Book 5 – FCE Exam.

After completing Book 5 of The Direct Method students are ready to take the First Certificate in English Exam. It is the most popular ESOL exam at an upper-intermediate level for people who need to use English language in their everyday life. They are able to be recommended for jobs involving supervising as they can clearly communicate their instructions to others, listen and respond to their questions and report to superiors on a daily basis.

All certificates awarded by English Your Way are internal certificates and mean students are ready to take ESOL exams, however we cannot guarantee the score achieved at the exam. ESOL exams are taken at ESOL exam centres which can be found by clicking here. Because ESOL courses are more and more popular and many students learn English language, we hope we will be able to have ESOL exams at English Your Way schools.