Learning Polish

English Your Way also offer classes of Polish language. Polish has been influenced by contact with foreign languages (foremost Latin, Czech, French, German, Italian, Old Belarusian, Russian and recently it has been virtually bombarded by English, especially American English language elements). To read more click here.

Flag PLThere are many reasons to learn Polish. The two most important are: over 1 million Poles living in the UK, and there are very many people who were born in the UK, however their parents were Polish and some of them could never speak the language of their parents - now they can learn it.

Map PLEnglish Your Way offer classes for people of any age. Teachers are native Polish speakers and speak fluent English as a second language, therefore communication with students is much easier and lessons more effective.

Classes are usually held twice a week in a 100 minutes sessions on Monday and on Thursday at 7:30 - 9:20PM. Other hours are also available - contact us for more details.

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