English at work

If you work in a factory that produces food, you will use different vocabulary than working in a warehouse. In ENGLISH YOUR WAY we recognise this, and we organize language trainings for staff which will help them to deal with their everyday tasks.

Understand the instruction

If you are asked to do something, can you do it without understanding the instruction? The answer is NO. However obvious the answer is, many people don't understand what is being asked. Communication is difficult when only one party can speak English. As instructions are explained, a worker can't ask questions in response.

We're here to help

Our mission is to increase and improve communication between English companies and their International staff. We are here to help you, by teaching how to communicate in English, so the proper questions can be asked in response when instructions are not clearly understood.

It saves you money

Imagine, what's the next step for somebody who was asked to do something, but doesn't know what it is? The next step is to go to a person they know. What if they don't know either? They will walk around without doing the task! That's not how it should be. We are here to teach and educate about words, phrases and sentences that will help staff to communicate with supervisors in order to do their task properly. It will save you time and money!

It is unique for you

Each company is different and has different needs for communication. Our first step is always to arrange a meeting, when our consultant will talk to supervisors and line managers to establish what kind of vocabulary, phrases and expressions need to be taught. This service is completely free of any charge! Fill the short form and one of our consultants will contact you shortly.

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